Over learning histories


With learninghistories.nl, I would like to support organizations with a future-oriented look at the past. Major challenges require a shared story from the organization: where did we start, where are we now, where do we want to go? The learning history method enables organizations to answer these questions by combine the stories of insiders and outsiders into a joint learning process. In the past 20 years, at the University of Groningen and as an independent consultant, I have supervised more than 70 learning histories for dozens of (non) profit organizations such as schools, municipalities, water boards, provinces, ministries, political parties, UWV, Philips and many others. In addition, I have gained a lot of experience with applications of the Learning Histories method in management, strategy development, innovative projects, knowledge management, quality management, and conflict management.

the method

In practice, I have further developed the method of learning histories into an efficient, goal-oriented form of co-creation. This starts with an ‘intake’ in which we coordinate the goals and questions. Subsequently, the source research takes place in preparation for a series of interviews. After the research, feedback takes place through the first version of the learning history. During the consultation, the organization indicates in which media and working methods it wishes to implement the “lessons learned”. The method is particularly efficient: if sufficient resources are available, an effective learning history can be written based on 10 interviews. The international conference Learning Histories for Sustainable Societies in 2017 put the ‘Dutch School’ firmly on the map.

I would like to share my knowledge and experience on this platform. For further advice you can reach me at rik@learninghistories.nl

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